Your Dealer Continuing Education Dealer Class Tuition Includes ALL of the Following Benefits with NO Additional Charges:

4 Hour State Mandated Continuing Education Training Class (No test required, just set through entire class in person or online)

Technical Support (We are a phone call away to answer questions at no additional charge)

Official Certficate of Completion (Required for renewal of your dealer license, receive in class on day of class, or online upon completion)

Newest State Laws (We cover the newest New Mexico Laws passed by the Legislature to ensure your compliance)

How to Contact your Lawmakers (Legislation affects our dealerships, you will learn how to stay in contact with our Legislators)

Suspension of a Dealers License (We will show you how to avoid license suspensions in class)

Misrepresentation of Motor Vehicles (Correctly disclosing vehicle damage history is taught in your dealer class)

Dealer Plate Usage (We will make sure you are using dealer plates correctly in the dealers class)

VRS Overview (You will get a VRS refresher in class)

New Mexico Business Portal (Would you like to expand your dealership? you will learn how to expand in class)

Unemployment Tax and Wage Reports (The New Mexico Dealer Manual you recieve gives extensive coverage, a great after class reference)

CRS Reports Refresher (You will recieve and overview to avoid fines)

Office of Foreign Asset Control Training (Not complying with OFAC can lead to millions in fines)

How to Buy Cars at Dealer Auctions (Online after class, a must for you AND your salespersons)

How to Identify Vehicles with Damage History (Online after class, a must for you AND your salespersons)

Dealer Sexual Harrassment Training (Helps prevent harassment in your dealership)

Cybersecurity Training (Secure your network to avoid Federal fines)

FTC Privacy Rule Training (Online after class)

FTC Safeguards Rule Training (Online after class)

FTC Credit Practices Rule Training (Online after class)

Office of Foreign Asset Control Training (Online after class)

In Class Tuition is $249 plus tax

Online Course Tuition is $249 plus tax

Every benefit above is included with your one time tuition payment. No Additional Charges, EVER!

Questions? Call me, Delus Johnson, at 800-369-2467

Missouri Dealer License Instructor


  • If you don't make your tuition back on your first sale, you are not charging enough for your vehicles!